Heater & Pump Repair

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You can stretch your pool season by twice in most areas and even longer in other areas by having a heated pool. The usual 2-month season in Detroit, for example, can be doubled in time, and in Los Angeles the season can be more than tripled. In New York, Chicago and Philadelphia – double the season or better. 


The heart of your circulation system, your pool pump, pulls water from one or more suction ports (i.e., skimmer & main drain), and then pushes it through the filter and heater and back to the pools’ return ports.

Amarillo Best Pool Service

Heater & Pump Repair Includes:


Amarillo Best Pool Cleaning Service


Amarillo Best Pool Cleaning Service

Gas valve

Amarillo Best Pool Cleaning Service

Ignition Check

Amarillo Best Pool Cleaning Service

Flow Check

Amarillo Best Pool Cleaning Service

Heat Exchange

Amarillo Best Pool Cleaning Service
Amarillo Best Pool Cleaning Service


With a heated pool you can extend a four month West Texas swim season to nine months and not let those cool summer nights kick you out of the pool.

Pool Heater

It’s a fact that certain brands are better than others. Let our experience with what works guide you to keep your pool warm on those cool West Texas nights.


Motors typically last an average of eight years before needing either rebuilding or replacing. Noisy, screeching front and/ or rear bearings will let you know when you need to do something.

Heater Types

Gas heaters operate on either propane or natural gas, which is burned in a heating chamber. Pool water is heated as it comes into contact with this chamber. Solar pool heaters circulate water through collectors that use the sun as a source of heat.

Heating & Pump Questions

Why isn’t my heater coming on?

All pool heaters have a series of safety switches inside that monitor if it’s okay for the heater to turn on. There is a pressure switch that senses if there is water coursing through the heater (heater MUST only engage if there is water flowing through the system). There are switches that sense if the heater is ‘too hot’ that will keep a heater from turning on. Sometimes the thermostat needs to be adjusted ‘higher’ to create a ‘demand for heat’. A dirty filter can prevent adequate water pressure from reaching the heater which will keep the heater from firing. The heater’s gas valve may be in the ‘off’ position. There are quite a few reasons that a heater may not fire, and if the problem involves mechanical repairs, we recommend that the unit be serviced by a trained pool professional.

Amarillo Best Pool Cleaning Service
Amarillo Best Pool Cleaning Service

My pool pump won't stay primed.

We can re-plumb new or existing pools with our proven techniques and make sure your equipment was installed correctly. Most all area pool installers pools are done incorrectly not to manufacturers guidelines. Let us make your pool the best it can be.