Plumbing Repair

Amarillo Best Pool Cleaning Service

Amarillo Pool Service has the ability to make repairs to your underground pool plumbing. Let us determine which lines are leaking by means of pressure testing. If the pipe cannot hold pressure at all, the lines would have to be dug up to allow for the pipe to be repaired.


Swimming pool repair and waterproofing requires that the coating and sealants must be capable of retaining a great amount of “negative hydro-static pressure”. Negative hydro-static pressure is under­-ground pressure that passes through substrates, pressing on the back side of the pool coating.


A gasket is a mechanical seal that fills the space between two objects, generally to prevent leakage between the two objects while under compression. Gaskets are commonly produced by cutting from sheet materials, such as gasket paper, rubber, silicone, metal, or a plastic polymer.

Valve Checks

Gate valves are very similar to a faucet style knob in your bathroom or the garden hose spigot outside. These type of valves are not a common pool valve on new installations, but were the only valve used on pools over thirty years ago.

Fittings Checks

Eyeball fittings are used to direct the flow of water in a swimming pool and consist of spherical exteriors so they can be turned to different angles within a spherical seat in which they are held by a retainer ring. Water flows through their hollow interiors and returns to the pool through a discharge opening that directs the water in a desired flow pattern within the pool. One of the most common causes for cloudy water in a pool is the misplacement of the return inlet eyeball fitting that sends the filtered water back into the pool. Multi-speed pumps could also contribute to the problem of inaccurate water flow thus affecting your filter’s performance.

Epoxy Repair

 These materials are noted for their versatility. High resistance to chemicals and outstanding adhesion, durability, and toughness have made them valuable as coatings. Because of their high electrical resistance, durability at high and low temperatures, and the ease with which they can be poured or cast without forming bubbles, epoxy resin plastics are especially useful for encapsulating electrical and electronic components. Epoxy resin adhesives can be used on metals, construction materials, and most other synthetic resins. They are strong enough to be used in place of rivets and welds in certain industrial applications.

Did you know?

Just an hour of vigorous swimming will burn up to 650 calories!

Amarillo Best Pool Cleaning Service
Amarillo Best Pool Cleaning Service

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Which state in the US has over 3 million swimming pools?