We’re Amarillo’s only California licensed pool builder. Specializing in custom in-ground gunite pools, repair and service. It’s been our experience, when going out on service calls, that most every pool is in need of repair, re-organization of equipment areas, restructuring of pool valves, and a series of other problems because area builders are cutting corners.

Amarillo Best Pool Cleaning Service


We can re-plumb new or existing pools with our proven techniques and make sure your equipment was installed correctly. Our proven methods are guaranteed. We will guarantee results on even your old pool. Most of the pools in Amarillo have not been installed to manufacturer specifications. Let us make your pool the best it can be.


Amarillo Best Pool Service

Dave Morgado


Our goal is to make you happy.  It’s that simple.  You and your friends and family should be able to enjoy your pool without any headaches. If you have us come out we’ll give you an analysis of what we can do to help you bring your pool up to code and to make it more friendly for you to operate.

Tammi Morgado


Maintaining your swimming pool is no easy task. It takes time and you have to know what you’re doing. My goal is to make sure everything is operating properly. There’s a lot of moving pieces most people don’t know about and that’s where Dave and I step in. It’s easy to get intimidated, just call us and we’ll take care of it so you can enjoy your pool! Remember we are Amarillo’s only California licensed pool builder. We are experts!